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Southern Kitchen – Winner’s Circle Derby Day Pie


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Dust  off your Seersucker suit, your favorite bow tie, and ladies, don’t forget your over the top hat, it’s Kentucky Derby weekend.  The Kentucky Derby is a southern tradition, celebrating the running of the thoroughbreds,reaching back to 1875. A classic parade of southern culture, style and Kentucky cuisine.  It’s always a great occasion to muddle some fresh mint and yell for your favorite horse and jockey.

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Tuesday Wine


Not long after we moved into our current house outside of Atlanta, we started sharing things with the next-door neighbors: cups of sugar, random garden tools and bottles of wine.  The concept of Tuesday wine developed as a shortcut way to borrow some decent, but inexpensive wine for a mid-week dinner.  You know, when you’ve just pulled a steak off the grill, realized that you’re slap out of wine and can’t stand the thought of getting back in the car for just a bottle of wine?  Tuesday wine fits the bill perfectly – not necessarily something you’d let age in the wine cellar (as if we had one) but good enough for a random Tuesday.  The following is a review of two reds I picked up recently for just such an occasion.

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Lunch Plate: La Fonda Latina

La Fonda

One of the often overlooked parts of Southern culture is the food and flavors of Latin cuisine in the Southeast, US.  From the Caribbean traditions on the Carolina Coast,  and South Florida, to the Tamale trail through the Mississippi delta and the Spanish fusion in New Orleans style cuisine; the amazing abundance of Latin influenced food is a major contributor to Southern culinary traditions.  La Fonda Latina is a great place to get a quick taste of several Latin treats, on a dime, and a great opportunity to sample the different flavors of Latin culture.

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Southern Review – Zapp’s Potato Chips


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All good Southerner’s have a particular food that, in an instance, will take them back to a special place.  It’s the one Southern food, that when discovered,  makes you feel you’ve found a lost treasure.  Without a doubt  Zapp’s Potato Chips are my favorite southern comfort food.  Argue all you want, there are no better chips made in the world,  end of story.  These chips are so amazing, and valuable to me, that we served them at our wedding.  What other chip brands can claim  Hotter ‘n Hot Jalapeno, Cajun Dill, Sour Cream & Creole Onion, Mesquite BBQ, Spicy Creole Tomato,Voodoo or (my personal favorite) Spicy Cajun Crawtator and really recreate those familiar southern flavors?

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Big Southern Breakfast Challenge

Yankee Challenge

I couldn’t tackle buttermilk biscuits without first consulting the Queen of Southern Breakfast:  MawMaw

Of course she was tickled to hear from her favorite granddaughter-in-law and very excited that I was attempting to make a Southern breakfast of my own for her favorite grandson. After some catching up, she got down to business and told me that I couldn’t make biscuits without self-rising flour (and her blackberry jam, but we are all out). She said that one could do with regular flour, baking soda, and baking powder – but she never uses it, nor does she know how much of each to use. SO, just when I thought I was raring and ready to go, I had to rush to the grocery store to pick up some self-rising flour.

I couldn’t believe I almost messed up my challenge before I had even started!

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