Season To Taste

I’m a Southerner.  Want to see my qualifications?  This is my cast iron skillet, inherited from my Grandmother, who taught me how to use it.  My grandmother was a true southern woman, who could cook anything.  I spent hours stirring, smelling, tasting, browning, roasting, grilling, sauteing, chopping, peeling, baking, cutting and eating under the education of my NaNa.  She taught me what it means to “Season To Taste”, which describes life in the South.

The Hungry Southerner is all about what happens when a group of people are experiencing Southern culture together.  This is an outlet for Southern Foodie’s to talk about ingredients, restaurants, chef’s, farms, and all things said while eating together.  So put on your seersucker suit, go season your cast iron skillet, and start soaking a pot of red beans welcome to The Hungry Southerner.


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5 responses to “Season To Taste

  1. Charla Smith

    I am so glad you had the desire to learn from your NaNa, she was a great cook. I regret that I didn’t take the time to learn from her. Her pies, barbeque shrimp, and red beans and rice were some of my favorite dishes that she made.

    Enjoyed reading the reviews, wish I lived in Atlanta to try the food.

  2. Ben O.

    The Mason jar next to the skillet is a nice touch.

  3. This is great stuff…

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