Lunch Plate: Taqueria del Sol

If your the last person in Atlanta to have not experienced lunch at Taqueria del Sol, go ahead right now and get your car running while you read this.  This place has been a locals favorite for 10 years and hopefully many more to come.  The service is always friendly, and the ingredients always taste fresh and delicious.  For the lunch plate I always suggest the Fried Chicken Taco,  Carnita Taco, and a bowl of Shrimp Corn Chowder. The tacos are always seasoned just right with bright flavors, warm soft tortillas and the meat fillings are never dry or tough,  always tender and perfect.

Tacos and ChowderThe must see for lunch, on any day,  is the creamy rich shrimp corn chowder.  With its unusual sweet cream corn flavor (which I just can’t place my finger on but is oddly amazing), thick texture and enough spice to keep that sweetness from being a spoon full of sugar, it’s a must try.   The atmosphere here is always bustling. There is usually a short wait in line, but it’s worth the delay.   It’s a nice place to take a deep breath from the daily grind, enjoy all the natural light from the large windows or patio, and sip some sweet tea or house margaritas.   All of this for 6.57 plus a drink, you can’t go wrong.  If you’re with a group of friends or coworkers, have a side of fresh chunky guacamole to start your lunch off right.  Don’t forget to pick up a fresh orange on the way out.  Enjoy Y’all.

Cheese and Guacamole

Taqueria Del Sol (WESTSIDE)
1200-B Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA


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5 responses to “Lunch Plate: Taqueria del Sol

  1. Ben O.

    If you’re a bit hungrier and it’s on the menu, the Low Country Chicken or the Shrimp-n-Grits are also muy excelente.

  2. Ann Davis

    Rotier’s is a great lunch spot! Best burger you will find anywhere – if you ever come to Nashville to visit, or even if you live here…(

    City Cafe’ is another great one! One of the best meat and 3’s ever. Great for a Sunday lunch. They serve the staple meat and three items, such as meat loaf, fried chicken and lasagna. Ice tea and lemonade round out the experience, and the waitstaff are friendly as can be.

    Those are two great spots off the top of my head!

  3. Ben O.

    Ann’s right. Rotier’s is the best burger in Nashville. Jimmy Buffett rated it as one of his top 10 burgers in the world.

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