Review: Padriac’s – Vinings,GA


I’m about to break our number one rule and review a restaurant after a single visit.  I know the rule is to always give a place a second chance, but I’m making an exception in this case.  I will preface this by saying, Padriac’s is not bad, it’s just not good enough to eat there again, considering other eateries in Vinings.   I know its harsh, but if you’re just in need of a drink or an appetizer then Padriac’s will suffice, but if your looking for something to feed your “Southern Hunger” then this, over priced pub, is probably not for you.  Here’s what we thought of Padriac’s in Vinings,GA .


It was a nice April evening during our visit, so we sat on the patio.  The interior of Padriac’s is your standard pub affair, dark and near uninviting for this Southerner.  Our service was quick and friendly, and we decided on something cold to drink with a side of Calamari.  I must admit that I have an extreme urge, everywhere I eat, to order the calamari.  Calamari has become my way to gauge how well a restaurant operates its fryer.  With all the things I didn’t really care for at Padriac’s, its execution of the calamari was excellent.  The calamari was tender and not chewy, the batter was crispy and the addition of fried okra and jalapenos really made it something special.   More restaurants should be frying up jalapenos, they were a real surprise and delight to eat.  Sadly this is where the train stops, and I suggest everyone get off.


I was a little surprised, amongst all the pub food, to discover things like Grilled Mahi-Mahi, or Chuck Roast (with mushroom risotto) on the menu.  My instincts warned me, but my lack of judgment allowed me to order the Jambalaya Pasta.  Growing up in South Mississippi I have eaten my fair share of jambalaya, and have been known to cook a pot on occasion.  I felt this would be my chance to try something unique.  I knew something was up when the pasta arrived swimming in a very thin sauce, bordering on broth like consistency, while the pasta was almost too al dente.  The other tip-off should have been the presence of some sort of pre-grated cheese that was not melting from the heat of the pasta.  The flavor profile wasn’t bad, but could have used more heat.  The crawfish tails were a great seasonal inclusion (were these Louisiana crawfish tails or foreign imports?), but it wasn’t until I saw the pictures from our meal that I realized this dish had chicken it it.

My wife chose the Mahi-Mahi.  The flavors on the fish were sweet,acidic and dry from the fruit but I couldn’t get past the fish being way over grilled.  Not to turn this into a party of complaints, but Mahi Mahi should be moist, tender and flaky easily cut with a fork.  In this case I actually had to use a knife to sample the fish.   Being a social affair, I sampled a good friends plate of chuck roast and risotto. The roast was moist and tender,  mildly seasoned, but the risotto was under cooked, under seasoned and treated like a side of mash potatoes at a meat and three style restaurant.  Nothing here was inedible, just very poorly executed.  Our expectations should have been relegated to the simple pub cuisine instead of high hopes for the interesting entrees on their menu.


I really wanted to like Padriac’s, especially after the calamari and  fried jalapenos.  In the end, lack of solid execution really makes this place a pass for The Hungry Southerner.  Maybe I should have stuck to Padriac’s pub entree items, but for  $50.00 , for two entrees and an appetizer, there are many other Vinings destinations (see our South City Kitchen Review) serving great food at a better value.  We’ll give Padriac’s in Vinings,GA  1 out of 5 strips of bacon.

Tell us your Padriac’s experience, or what we missed?  Maybe we got it all wrong?  Add your review in the comments.

2460 Cumberland Pkwy
Atlanta,GA 30339


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2 responses to “Review: Padriac’s – Vinings,GA

  1. Ben O.

    Padriacs also has a nice big projector HDTV, so the drinks-n-appetizers become a lot more appealing come football season. The Lobster Nachos ain’t bad, either. But the dinner fare isn’t quite on par.

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