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Ormsby’s is, without a doubt, our new favorite place to  spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in Atlanta.  The folks that brought us Atkins Park, have created a unique restaurant / social club that is an homage to the underground speakeasies that popped up during prohibition.  This is a great place to grab a quick bite for lunch or sit and stay awhile.  Ormsby’s provides lots of extracurricular activities, with several underground Boce ball courts, darts and shuffle board; there’s plenty to do to keep you distracted.  So how’s the food?


Omsby’s rounds out its speakeasy image, with delicious, comfort style, pub food.  There is probably something on the menu for everyone, unless your a health nut, because the tastiest treats here are either fried, bacon filled, or extra meaty.  Definitely start your meal with the extra large, extra delicious ale battered onion rings.  Ormsby’s uses the largest part of the onion, and a light crispy batter served with your choice of 2 home made dipping sauces.  I’d suggest the taleggio fondue and the lemon aioli.  Not in the mood for onion rings?  Then check out Ormsby’s hand dipped corn dogs, paired with the stout mustard dipping sauce; add a side of fries and a beer and you’ve got a meal.

Onion Rings

Ormsby’s offers a wide variety of sandwiches that are massive in size, flavor and won’t disappoint even the largest appetite.  My personal favorites are “The Richard” and “Uncle Fred’s Ultimate BLT”.  The Richard is a double decker club with turkey, ham, bacon, avocado, tomatoes and sprouts on plain old toasted white.  My favorite part of this sandwich is the balance between, salty crisp bacon and the fresh tomato and avocado.  Don’t confuse fresh with healthy, this sandwich can get a little greasy even on toasted bread.  Uncle Fred’s BLT is all about the fried egg, that oozes goodness right off the bread, you almost have to eat it with a fork.  Want to make Uncle Fred Ultimate?  Have them add avocado to make it perfect, maybe they could call it “The Hungry Southerner”.  “The art of reuben” is also a force to be reckoned with, piled high with corned beef and sauerkraut on some decent pumpernickel with a kick from the thousand island dressing.


If sandwiches aren’t your thing then you may want to check out Ormsby’s brats and dogs.  I tried out the Guinness braised bratwurst and sauerkraut on pretzel roll; while the concept is great, the execution was a tad bit underwhelming.  In this case the bun was tough instead of soft, almost stale and the sauerkraut was average.  The brat was the star and  could have been eaten, alone, off the grill.  You’ll get an option of sides, and I recommend the baked sweet potato fries.  You may have to pick a few out, they have a tendency to burn past caramelized, but they sure are sweet like a small side of desert.


Ormsby’s completes the speakeasy vibe with a great wood and copper bar upstairs and a wide selection of beer.  Ormsby’s is a great place to catch a game during the day, just order a plate of fries and a drink, and sit awhile.  Ormsby’s gets packed at night, so go with the flow and be sure to add your name to the waiting list for the Boce ball courts.  A sandwich and  a drink you’ll be in for around $13.00,  plus all the fun you can have here it’s a value.  Really Ormsby’s is all about the social experience, and comfort food.  Besides a few misfires, and a heavy hand with the grease, Ormsby’s is a great addition to the West Provisions area; just look for the Big O below Room and Board, no password required.  We give Ormsby’s in West Provision 3 out of 5 strips of bacon.


Tell us your Ormsby’s experience, or what we missed?  What’s your favorite sandwich?  Add your review in the comments.

1170 Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta,GA 30318


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  1. Wow… if I could eat onion rings I’d want a HUGE plate of those right now!!

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