What’s Grilling For Memorial Day?


While celebrating Memorial Day most folks choose to honor our Service Men and Women, by gathering together and sharing a meal.  The farmer’s markets are full of every sort of green thing imaginable, begging to be grilled in the great outdoors.  For our Memorial Day celebration The Hungry Southerner team, grilled fresh leeks, torpedo onions, green beans,corn, bourbon brown sugar marinated pork tenderloin and served all that with a fresh salad of ripe red tomatoes, goat cheese and basil.  We let the ingredients speak for themselves, only adding olive oil and salt to the vegetables before putting them on the grill.  The meal was fresh and delicious (grown by Southern Farmers), but the best part of the evening was each other’s company and the conversation that always drifted back to food.


Tell us what your Memorial Day tradition is. What makes it special? What will you be grilling, and what’s your secret to open flame success? We hope everyone spends some time thanking our Service Men and Women, and sharing Southern Hospitality with your friends and family. Stay Hungry Y’all!

-The Hungry Southerner


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6 responses to “What’s Grilling For Memorial Day?

  1. Grilled leeks and corn, looks DIVINE! That’s my kind of grilling! Happy holiday weekend to y’all!

  2. We’re grilling BBQ chicken (my grandfather’s recipe) and corn on the cob.

  3. Ann Davis

    Derek’s dad smoked his own recipe of bbq with fresh cole slaw, strawberries and watermelon as sides… to top it off some amazing homemade vanilla ice cream! It was wonderful on a nice hot summer day!

  4. A little steak and sweet cornbread. The cornbread was not grilled but it was cooked in a cast iron pan. That’s pretty southern, right?

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