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Southern Kitchen – Coca-Cola Glazed Meatloaf


Even though Coca-Cola is known world wide, I’ll always consider it a Southern brand.  I’m a little biased since they figured out how to bottle the well guarded recipe in Vicksburg, MS and its headquarters is in Atlanta,GA.  Also there is that little thing we Southerners do, referring to all carbonated beverages as “Coke”.  Ice cold Coca-Cola was designed to be refreshing during the hot sticky days of summer.  In honor of this Southern heat wave, we’re going to try cooking with Coca-Cola.

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Southern Kitchen – Sausage Making : Boudin


It’s no secret that Southerners love their pork.  Southern cuisine is very pork and chicken heavy, and it’s not uncommon to replace chicken for pork in a lot of creole, Cajun, low country or hill country style recipes.  Sausage is very versatile bringing a variety of textures and flavors to dishes; it can be the star at breakfast in links or patties, or the rich smokey flavoring and hearty meat in red beans and rice, and the spicy contrast from Andouille to the sweet briny gulf shrimp in shrimp & grits.  Even though Southerner’s consume sausage in so many ways, the process to how they are made is often a mystery.  We’re going to shed some light on the sausage making process, and introduce you to a unique Southern sausage called Boudin.  Let’s get grinding.

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NEWS: Local 3 Finds a Home

Atlanta, GA –

Chef Chris Hall tells me that his long awaited project with partners Todd Mussman and Ryan Turner, of Smyrna’s Muss & Turner’s, has finally found a place to call home.  Local 3 Kitchen & Bar will be taking over the space formerly occupied by Joël Brasserie in the Piazza at Paces development on Northside Parkway.  With a resume that includes eight years as Chef de Cuisine at Atlanta’s venerable Canoe, a stint as Executive Chef at The Sundial, and, most recently, helping Jay Swift open 4th & Swift, Chef Hall is excited to be manning the helm at his own restaurant.

These three partners bring an unparalleled commitment to quality and service to this new project.  From what Chef Hall tells me, we can expect a warm, casual atmosphere with fresh, seasonal cuisine, an extensive selection of craft beers and wines, as well as a full complement of liquor and mixed drinks.  Targeted opening is fourth quarter 2010.

See y’all at Local 3 in the fall.  Until then, say hey to your mama n’em.

Colin Brown

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Southern Culture – Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea

When I think of the South, of Home, I think of Sweet Tea.  It’s ingrained in the culture, and synonymous with warm summer nights, fresh local food, and a slower way of living.  Ask any non-Southerner to describe the South, and I bet “Sweet Tea” makes the list.  Like a lot of traditions in the South, Tea drinking was brought in from another culture, and modified to suit the Southern way of life.  Just how did a fermented leaf from India, and the nectar of the sugar cane become the common liquid of southern life, and what is the secret to the perfect glass?

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Tuesday Wine: Yin and Yang


This week, I thought I’d try two reds on opposite ends of the flavor spectrum.  For a heavier, medium bodied wine, I chose a Malbec from Pascual Toso.  On the lighter side, I selected a Pinot Noir from Mark West.  Although I’m constantly impressed by the wide choice of varietals on the market and the multitude of flavor profiles, it was the similarities between these two wines that surprised me most.

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