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Southern Kitchen – Biscuits and Gravy, A Southern Classic


Among the plethora of southern classics, biscuits and gravy is one of those quick fix comfort foods that takes me back to memories of wonderful meals in my grandmother’s kitchen.  This dish is easy to prepare, very filling and can be made for breakfast or dinner with very few (and cheap) ingredients that are probably in your pantry right now.  There are only two main building blocks of this recipe –  the biscuits and a white gravy made with the meat of your choice.  The biscuits can either be homemade or store bought.  Before we get any angry posts suggesting that using canned biscuits is un-southern, let me say that I’ve provided a basic biscuit recipe below.  But if you’re in a hurry or just plain lazy (as I am from time to time), there are some decent “whomp” biscuits out there; so named because you have to “whomp” them on the counter top to get the can open.  At any rate, I’m sure it was a busy southerner who came up with idea of biscuits in a can in the first place.

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How a Georgia Boy Learned to Cook (Award Winning) Beef Barbecue


Having been born and raised in Georgia, it has always been my not-so-humble opinion that, when it comes to barbecue, pork is the one true meat.  Anything else is heresy.  Many times have I heard my Texan friends wax rhapsodic about the joys of beef barbecue, and many times have I lumped their reveries in with all of the other cultish sounding utterances about their home state that seem to stream endlessly from their mouths. I once had to eject a tried-and-true member of the Black Cowboys of Texas from a New Year’s Eve party at my house because he got drunk and wouldn’t shut up about how great things were back in Texas.  But I digress…

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Southern Kitchen – The Great Cajun Dry Rub Experiment


Summer time means grilling season.  It’s always a great feeling to spend the night before a big grill-out prepping ribs.  Aside from pulled pork, Ribs are by far my favorite part of the pig.  The debatable secret to great Southern ribs is the fairy dust known as dry rub. Next to home made BBQ sauce, it’s a BBQ chefs personal secret.  Well it’s time to let my most recent discovery out, and share my “Dry Rub” secret.  I’ve taken my cajun seasoning obsession to the extreme, and spiced up my baby back ribs.

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Tuesday Wine: Summer Reds and Wanderlust


Over the Memorial Day weekend, we had a few friends over for a potluck dinner and had a chance to sample two more Tuesday wines, which couldn’t have been more different.  The first was Louis Latour’s Pinot Noir that we enjoyed with appetizers of herbed goat cheese and olives.  The second was a Cabernet Sauvignon by Catena that was served with the grilled pork loin entrée.

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Yankee Challenge: Shrimp Étouffée & Beignets

It’s no secret that The Hungry Southerner is partial to Southern Creole/Cajun cuisine.  Most Cajun dishes follow a pattern that consists of 3 culinary traditions: the trinity (bell pepper, onion, celery) , a roux, and some Gulf Coast Seafood.  These base ingredients mixed with a heavy dose of cajun seasoning, file powder, a little andouille sausage and a large mound of rice can be reworked in 10 dozen different combinations.  This challenge is to throw you in to the deep end, and teach you how to swim in the Bayou.  This month’s Yankee Challenge is Shrimp Etouffee with a side of Beignets.

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Southern Kitchen – Pimento Cheese Pizza with Bacon

pimento pizza

What is a “Southern Style Pizza“? Is there such a thing? According to Google, there is not. In my quest to challenge myself with cooking like a Southerner, I thought that maybe I needed to take what I know so far about Southern cooking and make myself a Southern Style Pizza.

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Lunch Plate: Po-Boys at AJ’s Famous Seafood – Marietta,GA


For folks around the Gulf Coast region, Po-Boy’s are a very personal food.  Southerners have very particular preferences to where they eat Po-Boy’s and what comes on them. Whether to order them “Dressed” with shrimp(lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayo), or as my sister would, with just ketchup?  No matter where you’re favorite place is to have a Po-Boy, from Mother’s in New Orleans, to my personal favorite Harbor View Cafe ( in Long Beach,MS), they all have one necessary common ingredient…Fresh Louisiana French Bread.  Po-Boy’s are often imitated, outside the coastal region, but rarely duplicated, simply because it’s hard to find fresh, Louisiana, French Bread that far from the source.  To my surprise, AJ’s Famous Seafood, in Marietta,GA, actually comes close.

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