Preview – Bacon Marmalade


Put bacon in just about anything, and you have you just raised its wow factor by 100%.  Bacon is my Southern vise, I love it in everything, and will try it in just about any form.  I’ve even been working on how to use bacon fat in chocolate chip cookies, but that doesn’t compare to the accidental genius of Chef Ross Hutchinson and his “Bacon Marmalade” .  Bacon what you’re asking?

Chef Ross Hutchinson, originally from Texas, was cooking some bacon, burned some bacon, and in an attempt to save it all created his delicious and rich meaty marmalade.  Bacon Marmalade is like eating delicious sweet bacon peanut butter.  It’s sweet, sour and “Bacony” in all the right ways with a chewy crispy texture almost like crunchy peanut butter.  Because it’s a marmalade, there is a strong vinegar component, but the smokey bacon and sweet brown sugar really work hard to balance that plus the addition of what Chef Ross calls “Secrets“.  Opening the jar you’re welcomed with the aroma of cast iron fried bacon, almost like you burned the bacon yourself, and a kick of vinegar.  I promise it will be like nothing you have ever tasted, an all out assault on the senses.

bacon marm

Bacon Marmalade comes in small 4oz jars, and will run you about $9.00 plus shipping, unless you live in New York City.  Its tiny size is deceptive, because a little bit of this stuff goes a long way.  So how do you eat it?  Right out of the jar; although I am playing with a delicious Pimento Cheese Recipe that incorporates it nicely.  Honestly we are still working on worthy methods for its use, so we’ll follow up with a full review and three different ways to cook with & eat Bacon Marmalade soon.  So until then, be sure to check it out at , and let us know what you think.  Don’t forget to tell Chef Ross that The Hungry Southerner sent you.  Stay Hungry Y’all !

-The Hungry Southerner


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4 responses to “Preview – Bacon Marmalade

  1. ALME

    We used a little bacon marmadade in a corn salad this past weekend to celebrate the 4th of July in true southern style. It was delicious. It added a smoky flavor to the vegetables and was a very nice complement! I love that it was an accident in the making and it’s become/becoming a success! Keep up the good work, Ross & Joanna!

  2. Todd

    This bacon goodness is awesome! As we all know, biscuits and gravy is classic southern cuisine. I like to add a little bacon marmalade on top for the smokey, meaty flavors to round out the meal. Delicious.

  3. Todd

    Just topped some tomato, basil, and toasted bread with some bacon marmalade…delicious! It’s like a sweeter, smokier prosciutto.

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