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Pork is the life blood and culinary soul of some of the finest Southern foods.  Whether it’s a slow smoked rack of ribs, tender seared pork belly, ham hock seasoned pot of beans, or simply making a bacon and eggs breakfast; pork is an amazingly versatile meat. The Hungry Southerner has an undeniable passion for pork and all things bacon; suckers of a certain variety.  When we discovered Maple Bacon Morning Coffee, images of caffeinated pork fat ran through our mind, causing an urgent desire to acquire a bag.  Does the Maple Bacon coffee live up to the same expectations that Bacon Marmalade has set for us?  Will it help us further our cause for new and exciting “Bacon Delivery Systems”?  Grab a beignet and keep reading.

There is a strange coffee culture in the U.S.A., we often don’t understand the coffee products that we’re drinking.  We are a busy society, in a constant state of movement, simply expecting our coffee products to be consistent from one coffee shop to another.  We use that consistency as some arbitrary measure of quality.  It’s always nice to slow down and a brew a fresh cup of coffee.  It’s a pleasure to take a moment to enjoy the craft of a master roaster and the quality of his coffee beans.  We were thrilled when the Maple Bacon Morning Coffee arrived from Boca Java, based out of Deerfield Beach, FL (a Southern business).  Vacuum packed in a resealable bag, the people from Boca Java let us know that each bag of coffee is roasted in small batches, fresh, a day or two before being delivered.  Boca Java tries to ensure that stale coffee doesn’t get delivered to their customers.


Boca Java selected Arabica coffee beans, a mild delicate bean from the middle east, and applied a light roast, creating a coffee mild in character.  Upon inspection of the beans, you shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of bacon bits blended in, although we dreamed we might.  As a matter of a fact, there really isn’t a “Bacon” presence at all in this coffee.  Artificial maple syrup dominates this coffee’s aroma, right down to the unusually sticky beans, a result of the sweetners used to apply the maple syrup smell and taste. There is also a burnt aroma, that opens up even more after the beans are ground, that we simply couldn’t diagnose.  Boca Java included brewing instructions on the bag indicating 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 1 cup of filtered water, and we followed them to the letter.  We decided to prepare the coffee 3 ways; as dripped coffee, steeped in a french press, and finely ground for espresso using a moka pot, none of these techniques seemed to change the character, flavor,aroma or taste of the coffee.  We settled on the french press, and began the final tasting.


No matter how these beans were brewed, we unanimously agreed this could be the mildest coffee we’ve ever consumed. The 4 of us were  curious how a coffee can be so mild, and also lacking that typical signature bitter coffee flavor.   But the question you’re still asking is,  “where’s the Bacon?”  We honestly have no idea, we didn’t really find there to be a strong maple syrup flavor to match the aroma.  The maple syrup flavor was found sort of lingering on the roof of the mouth, as if you had sucked on a maple syrup lollipop.  There is a burnt flavor profile, which none of us could place, that wasn’t necessarily bad, but unusual. We theorized that it was possible it was there to give the illusion of smokiness; a failure if it is the case. Honestly we found this coffee works best cooled and served over ice, thanks to those mild beans.


In the end we were left disappointed.  This coffee is a novelty, at best, something one would try simply to say, “well that is interesting”.  We felt that the label should really read “Maple Syrup Morning Coffee“, because there really is no characteristic of smokey salty bacon.  The sad thing is the Arabica beans and the light roast makes for a pleasant, mild, coffee all on its own.Without the flavoring it would be a nice delicate coffee, that could be enjoyed everyday.  At $7.49 + shipping, for 1/2 lb. of coffee, your looking at closer to $13.00 to experience this “Bacon Free” novelty.  We feel like there are much better local brands, that are producing a better product for the money.  If you’re looking for an artificially flavored, novelty coffee that smells like burnt maple syrup and lingers all day in your mouth why not just try some quality beans, and those flavored syrups?  We give it a pass, 1 out of 5 Strips of Bacon.  Boca Java, give us a call when you figure out how to put that,whole hog flavor, into our morning cup of joe. We’ll be ready to try it again.  Stay Hungry Y’all!

-The Hungry Southerner

Maple Bacon Morning Coffee
Boca Java – Gourmet Coffee
730 South Powerline Rd.
Suite D
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Phone: 1-888-BOCA-JAVA


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22 responses to “Southern Review – Maple Bacon Coffee

  1. Carol

    I think I’ll pass. Was just munching on some H&F caramel bacon popcorn last night, have you tried that? Hmmmm, bacon.

  2. Hmmm that would have been an interesting flavor combination if the flavor had come through. I wonder why the bacon flavor disappears? Maybe the beans dilute the fat. Kind of like the acid in lemon with wine, soy etc…whose knows just guessing.

  3. I agree with your review completely. The maple flavor was interesting at first, but after lingering in my mouth a few hours later, it became a little much.

  4. Bama_GLori

    So glad to have found you on Twitter. The same day I learned about this coffee, I read your tweet about your forthcoming review. I was looking forward to this … and am quite disappointed in the coffee. I will not be purchasing this. Excellent writing!

  5. Ben O.

    Still tasted maple this morning after drinking it last night. It really stays with you.

    And yes, I did brush my teeth.

  6. Amy Beth

    I don’t know, call me old-fashioned but I’ve never found any of these flavored coffees that I’ve enjoyed. All of them seem to have an artificial taste to me. Maybe it’s just my “taster.” Haha.

  7. Francis

    Well, I can’t say I’m at all disappointed–in fact, I’m genuinely relieved–the bacon flavor did not come through on this one. Bacon marmalade? Yes. Bacon chocolate? Definitely. But bacon coffee? Come on, it’s gone too far!

  8. Maple Bacon coffee? There is nothing I hate more than fake syrup. Any recs on a good French press?

    • Yea fake syrup isn’t the way to go for me either. I’m a huge fan of both the Bodum and Bonjour french presses. I prefer the large presses over the small ones. If I had to choose between the two brands I’d pick the bodum, but they are both great.

  9. Ben O.

    Salty coffee is actually really good. We used to use it in college to take away the extreme bitterness of our “All-Night Brew” we drank when studying.

  10. Hmm… Are we really surprised it didn’t taste like the seasoning on our iron skillets?

    Agree with lots of other comments that flavored coffees often fall by the wayside, BUT if you’re gonna do it you better go all the way.

    Bummer for Boca Java- Guess I’ll stick with my Sumatra from Starbucks.

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  12. I’m a coffee fan for sure. Didn’t know Boca Java was here in Florida, learn something new every single day! Don’t think bacon belongs in my coffee. A nice fat slab on the side yes, flavoring my coffee, not so much.

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