Local, Fresh, Sustainable – Chef Chris Hall

In an effort to bring Southerners back in touch with their food and local producers, The Hungry Southerner is doing a series of interviews with Southern farmers, producers, businesses and chefs discussing what they are doing that is unique to be sustainable, fresh and most important, a respected presence in their local economy.  Our goal is to document and share with you some really great stories of Southerners with a passion for what they do.  You’ll see everything from a family run pickling business to hand made aprons, sustainable restaurants and even some local dairy farmers.  We want our readers to share in our passion for supporting local economy and ensuring that the crafts of these businesses are being honored and passed on to the next generation.

Because of our passion for local Southern food, we’ve been given a great privilege to go along for the ride with the gentlemen of “Local 3”, a new restaurant in Atlanta, GA that will focus on serving local fresh ingredients.  We’re going to periodically check in and give you a continued peek at their progress until patrons are eating at their tables in the fall. This first interview features “Local 3’s” head Chef Chris Hall, the friendliest man you will ever meet, who has a passion for sharing his love for fresh local ingredients with everyone.   Chris, along with his partners Ryan Turner and Todd Mussman of Muss & Turner’s , are trying to bring quality food to a casual audience.  Which, isn’t that really what Southern Hospitality is all about, friendly folks serving fresh food?  Stay Hungry Y’all!

-The Hungry Southerner

Note: You can also check this video out at YouTube.


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4 responses to “Local, Fresh, Sustainable – Chef Chris Hall

  1. ALME

    I love the idea of Local 3 (and Muss & Turner’s) and can’t wait for this place to open this fall. Chris, Thank you for allowing us to share in the experience of opening a restaurant with you. We looking forward to you teaching us and us learning more about what it’s all about. I’m already hungry!

  2. Randy

    What does sustainable mean in this context?

    • There is a piece of this video that was edited out, into a larger Documentary we’re working on. Chris said that sustainable means a lot more than just the food, if he can’t do things in his business to sustain it financially then it ultimately doesn’t mater where he sources the food and it trickles. The farmers he buys from would have to go some where else or grow something else because they have families to take care of and so on and so forth. The point being, sustainable is tough to nail down, and means a lot of different things. It’s not fair to try to make sustainable simply about a fashion of farming.

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