Local, Fresh, Sustainable – Phickles Pickles

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Phickles Pickles, thanks to Garden & Gun so are a lot of you as well.  Angie and Phin Tillman have started a small Southern business with big flavor and fresh, local, ingredients.  You can’t help but love what Phickles is doing, how they made it a family business and the importance on quality that they put into every jar.  Phickles Pickles is definitely keeping it Fresh, Local, Sustainable and producing some fine Southern food. Stay Hungry Y’all!


-The Hungry Southerner

Note: Also available on YouTube


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16 responses to “Local, Fresh, Sustainable – Phickles Pickles

  1. I love Phickles Pickles, they are incredibly delicious!

  2. I doubt Pickles Pickles make it this far south in the state, but I do buy local when it’s an option. The funny thing is that Sam Adams beer isn’t sold in my county but I can get several Georgia beers.

  3. I’ve never heard of Phickles Pickles. I know about Wickles Pickles, just not Phickes Pickles.

    Good video.

  4. LOVE Angie and Phin and the Phickles! Reds is privedged to have a Phickle mary every Sunday, and starting tomorrow, fried Phickle Snaps with buttermilf ranch!! hope to see you in there soon – e-amil me and i’ll treat you to lunch!

  5. Stephanie Sharp

    Phickles were my introduction to becoming a “foodie”. Now I’m hopelessly hooked. Love the oakies, asparagus and hotties the best. And that Phickle Chickle is a hottie herself 😉

  6. What sweet comments! Of course my favorite is the one from Mrs. Sharp…..a hottie! I’ll have a great day w/a comment like that!
    And there’s a big difference tween Phickles and Wickles… I just heard from a store owner in Thomasville, GA that the best place to get Wickles is in the dollar store…just ain’t right! I would eat leftover cold mullet if I ever saw Phickles on the shelves in the dollar store! Have a PhickleTini or a Phickled Mary y’all! ….whatever you do…Have fun!

  7. Rose

    you need to have a jar on your table !! everyone will be saying”phas the phickles phlease!!”

  8. Phickles are the bomb!!!!!!


  9. I need to try these things. Must get my hands on some.

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