Tuesday Wine: Beat the Heat with Cool Whites


I’m not sure how your summer’s been, but the staff of The Hungry Southerner has been roasting!  After several days of temperatures in the 90’s, a cool white wine is a great way to beat the heat on a warm summer night.  We’ve got two great options that are light, crisp and refreshing.  The first is a Sauvignon Blanc from Cupcake Vineyards, recommended by one of our readers back in May.  Thanks Kevin!  The second is a Trinty Oaks Pinot Grigio.  Give them both a try and let us know your favorite.


The 2009 Sauvignon Blanc from Cupcake Vineyards is from Marlborough, New Zealand.  It’s 13% ABV, with a light yellow color and a lemony aroma.  The flavor is clean with pronounced citrus notes, slight astringency and a well-balanced acidity.  There’s a definite lack of oakiness, which lends to the refreshing crispness of the wine.  We drank it with a garlic cream sauce with mussels over pasta and it was delicious.


The Trinity Oaks is a 2009 Pinot Grigio from the Trinchero Family Estates in Napa, California.  It’s 13.5% ABV and has very light, floral aroma.   As expected, it’s lighter in flavor than the Sauvignon Blanc and the high alcohol produces a pleasant “puckery” aftertaste.  This wine would be great served with a simple appetizer of cheese, crackers and fruit.  I was happy to learn that  Trinity Oaks uses recycled paper to print their wine bottle labels and most interestingly, the winery will plant a tree for each bottle purchased. Check out this great program at www.onebottleonetree.com.

From the front porch swing,
Mark D.


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5 responses to “Tuesday Wine: Beat the Heat with Cool Whites

  1. I’m a big fan of Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch chard.

  2. Ooh…I’ll have to try the Cupcake Savignon. I’ve had the Chardonnay and found it super sweet.

  3. The Cupcake Sauvignon sounds wonderful, but I have always preferred the sweeter wines. This especially includes the ones that accompany cheese and hors d’oeuvres. These both sound like something I will try in the near future.

  4. Ben O.

    The Cupcake is a really refreshing summer wine. I don’t even like whites, but it ain’t bad.

  5. debi

    I will definitely give the Cupcake a try but am not a big fan of Pinot Grigio’s. I love your wine articles and look forward to them, keep them coming. I will get back to you after I give Cupcake a taste test.

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