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Driving down I-10, roll down the windows as you cross the Atchafalaya Basin and listen to the rhythms of the road mixed with the natural melodies of the swamp and soul of the muddy muddy smell of the Lousiana waterways.  Those beautiful rich sights and sounds are melded into the local Zydeco music, just like those of the neighboring Delta Blues.  Mel Melton and The Wicked Mojo’s new album PaPa Mojo’s Roadhouse is a great new example of Southern Zydeco and Blues fusion.  So why is the Hungry Southerner interested?  Mel Melton is also a great Southern Chef who infuses the spirit of his music into his Creole cuisine.

Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse is the symphonic equivalent of a great pot Louisiana gumbo.  There is a little bit of everything good from the South in there.  Listening to the sounds of the guitar lines, the heavy harmonica riffs, washboard strumming and Mel’s vocals leading along, you almost could see Mel Meton and the Wicked Mojos all in the kitchen cooking something on the menu.  Still not convinced this is legit food post, well how about track 10 – What’d I Say, with the chorus singing all about muffalettas. This is the music I’ve listened to for years at every backyard Crawfish boil, and Southern Louisiana food festival. Executed with the charm of a Southern Chef.

For all you food lovers the CD has tons of extras including interviews and several great recipes.  It was fun to find the computer bonus features included on each disc. I can’t wait to try the recipe for Mel’s Buttermilk Pie with Blackberry Sauce and Chantilly Cream, it looks delicious.  We love supporting Southerners especially those that are preserving the Southern art of regional food and music.  “Roadhouse” will be released on August 31 available at your retailers and .  If you get through Durham,NC stop in and get some creole food and be sure to have a listen to the Zydeco singing Chef Mel Melton at Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse. Leave us a comment telling us your favorite Creole or Cajun dish and we’ll draw five winners for free copies of Roadhouse! Stay Hungry Y’all!

WINNERS ARE:  Tim The Cheese Man, Mary at Deep South Dish, Kim, DAM, BAILEY ! Thanks for all the great comments guys!

-The Hungry Southerner

Note:  Thanks to the folks at Parma Recordings for telling us about Mel Melton and his great Southern story and sending us a copy to get to experience his wonderful music.  As a thank you to the readers of The Hungry Southerner, for supporting Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse, Parma Recordings has kindly donated 5 free albums for us to give away to you guys.  Thanks Y’all!


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19 responses to “Southern Review – PaPa MoJo’s Roadhouse

  1. Love to hear about all things southern you two round up. Keep up the good work.

  2. I just popped over to google and check out their music and now y’all are makin’ me miss Louisiana so I so totally need one of these! Let’s see, you’re pressing a hard question there for this southern gal. How can I possibly pick ONE favorite? Hmmm…. let’s see. First thing that jumped in my mind is jambalaya. Love it! And you can stretch that stuff to feed a crowd. I love all the things y’all do on southern culture. Thanks for the nice giveaway – crossin’ my fingers here!

  3. Ooh, definitely our favorite is crawfish etouffee. Dang. Now I need some!

  4. I’ll be in Durham in October and will definitely check them out. I have recently been going through a red beans and rice phase but crave crawfish. I never get that up here in NYC. Great post!

    • I’m making Red Beans and Rice this weekend…I never get tired of it…nor do I get tired of Crawfish. During crawfish season you can have Crawfish flown anywhere in the USA. We did a post earlier in the year talking about that. It’s real easy and pretty affordable to get fresh crawfish and so good.

  5. southrnsuga

    I am a fan of gumbo! We ( are enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work. Love the give away.

  6. biskuit

    Dangit! Who couldn’t use some more good music in the kitchen?

  7. biskuit

    Oh… and favorite cajun dish? Jambalaya!

  8. Kim

    gumbo makes the best sloppy joes

  9. DAM

    by far, red beans and rice… which this album would make a perfect soundtrack to listen to while making my next pot for the LSU/Carolina game this weekend.

  10. blackboots

    Jambalaya prepared by our LSU-lovin’ pal.

  11. Keep up the good fight! Enjoying the blog.

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