Tuesday Wine: Big Reds and Boxed Wine


This week, I’m reviewing a favorite red of mine and…wait for it…a boxed wine.  Now before anyone gets all bent outta shape over wine in a box, take the time to read the review and try some for yourself.  You may be surprised how good (and convenient) boxed wines are.


Let’s ease into this week’s review with a traditionally bottled and very delicious Zinfandel.  7 Deadly Zins is bottled by David and Michael Phillips in Graton, CA and is a mixture of old vine Zins from 7 different growers in Lodi, CA.  The wine is 14.5% ABV with a rich, spicy aroma and a deep, almost inky red color.  Flavors of oak, chocolate, and tobacco start strong on the tongue and finish with a long, smooth aftertaste.  If you love big reds, this wine will go well with any red meat, spicy food or even dessert – we enjoyed it with a flourless chocolate cake.  I picked up several bottles for $12-13 at Costco but have mostly seen if priced elsewhere for $15-17 per bottle.


Ok, if you haven’t tried boxed wine, I’d suggest staring with Bota Box by Bota Box vineyards in Manteca, CA.  They offer several varieties and each box holds the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine.  We really love the fact that once opened, the wine lasts a lot longer than an opened bottle.  This is due to the valve that keeps oxygen out of the wine better than re-corking a bottle.  Also, the box is made of recycled paper and takes up less shelf space than four bottles.  This also makes it ideal for traveling, camping and picnics – no corkscrew needed.

Now to the wine itself.  I tried the 2009 Shiraz and found it to be a great Tuesday wine, especially given the $20 pricetag per box ($5 per bottle).  The wine is 13.5% ABV with a slightly astringent aroma, a taste of ripe berries and the spicy bite typical of Shiraz.  Like the Zinfandel above, this goes well with hearty entrees and spicy pasta dishes.  I hope you guys will try these wines for yourself on a random Tuesday.  Let me know if you find any other good, boxed wines that are worth a try.

Reporting from the front porch swing,
Mark D.


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3 responses to “Tuesday Wine: Big Reds and Boxed Wine

  1. Boxed wine is the best wine! Don’t judge me, but me and my girls love some pink summertime wine. Obviously, there is no difference between the bottle and the box on the pink stuff…but the box makes it more fun and affordable!

    On a serious note, I have tried the Black Box Merlot 04′ and found it surprisingly good.

    I think people are afraid of the boxed wine stigma. And, the packaging of bottled wine and the satisfaction of uncorking a bottle probably also have something to do it.


    • Totally agree. I’ll personally be glad to see the day that corks die, that way we don’t have to worry about the evil “corked wine” effect. Box are making a good come back with some quality showings.

  2. melford smith


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