Local, Fresh, Sustainable – Behind The Kitchen : Local 3

We continue to follow the progress of Chef Chris Hall and the opening of the restaurant Local Three in Atlanta, GA. Chris gave us an update and a behind the scenes tour of the extraordinary kitchen and all its gadgetry. He also talked about their expansion and education program they have planned to utilize all the extra kitchen space. He even gave us a sneak peak at a few menu items he has planned that will bring a smile to your face. Sit back and relax and marvel at all the workings as Chef Chris Hall gives us a behind burner tour of his world class kitchen. Stay Hungry Y’all!

-The Hungry Southerner


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4 responses to “Local, Fresh, Sustainable – Behind The Kitchen : Local 3

  1. Great interview with Chef Chris! So excited to support Local Three when it finally opens. Now my biggest issue will be choosing between M&T and Local Three!

    • Yeah Chris is a fun guy. We are having a blast documenting the opening of their restaurant and the trials. We’ve got some more interviews coming that will follow up with some of the hard parts of opening a restaurant.

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