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Southern Review – Maple Bacon Coffee


Pork is the life blood and culinary soul of some of the finest Southern foods.  Whether it’s a slow smoked rack of ribs, tender seared pork belly, ham hock seasoned pot of beans, or simply making a bacon and eggs breakfast; pork is an amazingly versatile meat. The Hungry Southerner has an undeniable passion for pork and all things bacon; suckers of a certain variety.  When we discovered Maple Bacon Morning Coffee, images of caffeinated pork fat ran through our mind, causing an urgent desire to acquire a bag.  Does the Maple Bacon coffee live up to the same expectations that Bacon Marmalade has set for us?  Will it help us further our cause for new and exciting “Bacon Delivery Systems”?  Grab a beignet and keep reading.

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Southern Review – Bacon Marmalade


It’s no secret that The Hungry Southerner has a passion for all things pork, especially bacon.  Recently we’ve developed a love affair with a wonderful little 4oz jar of deliciousness better known as Bacon Marmalade.  It was a pure accident that we met, I discovered Bacon Marmalade through a fellow blogger, Liza de Guia, at Food Curated.  I quickly contacted the Bacon Marmalade website, and waited patiently for our 3 precious jars to arrive.  We did a short preview to help manage our own excitement and three of the “Hungry Southerners” set off to figure out what to do with our Bacon Marmalade. Here’s our review of a Southern Food, born out of a happy accident.

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Southern Review – Phickles Pickles


Nothing reminds me more, of simple Southern food, than homemade pickled products. My grandmother would keep a well stocked pantry full of pickled foods, especially her beloved spicy pickles.  To this day I haven’t found a brand that matches the quality and balance of my grandmother’s pickles, that is until Phickles Pickles.  Southern food at its finest.

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Preview – Bacon Marmalade


Put bacon in just about anything, and you have you just raised its wow factor by 100%.  Bacon is my Southern vise, I love it in everything, and will try it in just about any form.  I’ve even been working on how to use bacon fat in chocolate chip cookies, but that doesn’t compare to the accidental genius of Chef Ross Hutchinson and his “Bacon Marmalade” .  Bacon what you’re asking?

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Tuesday Wine: Yin and Yang


This week, I thought I’d try two reds on opposite ends of the flavor spectrum.  For a heavier, medium bodied wine, I chose a Malbec from Pascual Toso.  On the lighter side, I selected a Pinot Noir from Mark West.  Although I’m constantly impressed by the wide choice of varietals on the market and the multitude of flavor profiles, it was the similarities between these two wines that surprised me most.

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