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Big Southern Breakfast Challenge

Yankee Challenge

I couldn’t tackle buttermilk biscuits without first consulting the Queen of Southern Breakfast:  MawMaw

Of course she was tickled to hear from her favorite granddaughter-in-law and very excited that I was attempting to make a Southern breakfast of my own for her favorite grandson. After some catching up, she got down to business and told me that I couldn’t make biscuits without self-rising flour (and her blackberry jam, but we are all out). She said that one could do with regular flour, baking soda, and baking powder – but she never uses it, nor does she know how much of each to use. SO, just when I thought I was raring and ready to go, I had to rush to the grocery store to pick up some self-rising flour.

I couldn’t believe I almost messed up my challenge before I had even started!

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What is Your Favorite Brunch Menu?

Growing up, my grandfather would prepare a big Saturday brunch,  just before all that yard work that had to be done. My PawPaw would fix piles of “Hot Cakes”, from Great Granddad Charlie’s family recipe, delicious omelets, and his signature fresh juice that he has drank, every morning, my entire life. The family ritual being that the coldest of those “Hot Cakes” would always end up as a delicious treat for one of our dogs. In honor of this beautiful Southern spring weekend,  The Hungry Southerner and friends are cooking up a little brunch of our own.  We are going to try out a few, cast iron skillet, biscuit recipes, and fry up some bacon and eggs.  Tell us what your favorite brunch ritual is?  Do you like to get up early and enjoy the morning with a little coffee?  Is there a brunch place that everyone has to know about?  What is that special dish you crave first thing on the weekend?  We’d love to hear about it, leave us a comment and tell us what you do for brunch.

-The Hungry Southern


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Meet The Yankee


Caitlin "The Yankee"

We would like everyone to welcome Caitlin, “The Yankee”, from Mrs. Bear’s Tasty Fare .  She has sacrificed herself at the alter of Southern Culture and decided to take up The Hungry Southerner’s “Yankee Challenge“.  Once a month Caitlin is going to be challenged to cook a classic southern dish, with authentic ingredients and using our favorite family recipes.  Caitlin doesn’t know this yet but she’s really going to learn to appreciate the experience of cooking with real butter, and the muscle building exercise of wielding a cast iron skillet.  Caitlin’s going to be writing about her experiences with the ingredients, the challenges of slow cooking, or the easy surprises of preparing real southern comfort food. The Hungry Southerner is all about growing southern culture and connecting with each other through food, so this will be a great opportunity for us to all experience the wonder of learning southern cuisine.  We would love for our readers to get involved, so leave us a recipe suggestion, ingredient or seasoning for Caitlin to try in a comment below, twitter to us @HungrySouthernr, or join our fan page on Facebook just search for TheHungrySoutherner. We will will post out the monthly challenge early, we would really enjoy hearing what your experiences are with the recipes and ingredients as well. Caitlin is getting ready for the first challenge, which will involve learning her way around her first cast iron skillet, seasoning it and  cooking a classic southern breakfast of bacon, fried eggs, and stone ground grits. Visit Caitlin’s blog and send her an email to give her some tips for success, and don’t forget to remind her the number one rule of cooking with cast iron (never,never,never use soap and water).

-The Hungry Southerner


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