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What is Your Favorite Brunch Menu?

Growing up, my grandfather would prepare a big Saturday brunch,  just before all that yard work that had to be done. My PawPaw would fix piles of “Hot Cakes”, from Great Granddad Charlie’s family recipe, delicious omelets, and his signature fresh juice that he has drank, every morning, my entire life. The family ritual being that the coldest of those “Hot Cakes” would always end up as a delicious treat for one of our dogs. In honor of this beautiful Southern spring weekend,  The Hungry Southerner and friends are cooking up a little brunch of our own.  We are going to try out a few, cast iron skillet, biscuit recipes, and fry up some bacon and eggs.  Tell us what your favorite brunch ritual is?  Do you like to get up early and enjoy the morning with a little coffee?  Is there a brunch place that everyone has to know about?  What is that special dish you crave first thing on the weekend?  We’d love to hear about it, leave us a comment and tell us what you do for brunch.

-The Hungry Southern


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