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Southern Kitchen – Bourbon Pecan Pie


After getting this recipe correct I seriously considered renaming this website to Bourbon, Bacon & Butter : A Southerner’s Journey,  but I digress.  It’s recipes like these that Southerners should live and breath for.  The spirit of the South is alive in these ingredients, from the soil presence in the pecans, to the sweet Kentucky water in the Bourbon. There is nothing like the unique texture and flavor and sweet Southern reminders of a Pecan Pie.  A Thanksgiving tradition that we Southerners should all share a slice of. Here is our recipe for Bourbon Pecan Pie.

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A Yankee Vacation Recipe Guide


Food has always been big part of my life. It is one of my greatest obsessions and a topic  discussed multiple times a day in my and my families household. A good example of this was when my mom secured our summer cottage in Cape Cod back in March, the first thing I said was, “When should we start making up the menu for the week?”

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Yankee Challenge: Red Velvet Cake


Growing up my Sisters would watch Steel Magnolias, over and over.  So you can imagine that I’ve managed to see this, modern, Southern classic once or twice.  About midway through the film, there is this great scene where the “mean old” Ouiser is serving the, Armadillo shaped, red velvet groom’s cake, and she chops the tail off and serves it to Tom Skerritt.  Seeing this scene makes me laugh every time, which brings us to this month’s Yankee Challenge. This month you’ll be baking Southern Red Velvet Cake.

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Southern Kitchen – Biscuits and Gravy, A Southern Classic


Among the plethora of southern classics, biscuits and gravy is one of those quick fix comfort foods that takes me back to memories of wonderful meals in my grandmother’s kitchen.  This dish is easy to prepare, very filling and can be made for breakfast or dinner with very few (and cheap) ingredients that are probably in your pantry right now.  There are only two main building blocks of this recipe –  the biscuits and a white gravy made with the meat of your choice.  The biscuits can either be homemade or store bought.  Before we get any angry posts suggesting that using canned biscuits is un-southern, let me say that I’ve provided a basic biscuit recipe below.  But if you’re in a hurry or just plain lazy (as I am from time to time), there are some decent “whomp” biscuits out there; so named because you have to “whomp” them on the counter top to get the can open.  At any rate, I’m sure it was a busy southerner who came up with idea of biscuits in a can in the first place.

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