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Chicken and Dumplings Challenge

c and d

Not many people know much about me, except for the fact that I am a Yankee married to a Southerner who lives in Maryland and likes to cook. After I started working with The Hungry Southerner, I entered into the terrific world of teaching first grade. I never thought that I would wish so much more for extra hours in a day until I spent one full week in the classroom. I love my little kiddies, but I miss my free time. And the kitchen. My poor husband has had two home cooked meals in the past 30 days.

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Southern Kitchen – Hungry for Homemade Yogurt


I started making my own yogurt about 5 years ago when I was on a low
carb diet and wanted to control the sugar in my food.  Once I got into
it,  I really appreciated the fact that making our own food helps
reconnect us with lost traditions and reminds us where our food comes
from.  Making your own yogurt is simple, saves money and allows you to
create your own custom flavor combinations…and it’s delicious.

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