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Southern Kitchen – Georgia Peach Honey Preserves


As we’ve noted before, ’tis the season for the farmer’s market.  It just feels right to get up Saturday morning and go buy fresh fruits and veggies from real people.  Problem is, sometimes I get carried away and buy a bit too much.  The tomatoes/peaches/cucumbers/etc are just too good to pass up when in season, and there’s only twenty one meals in a week.  The question naturally presents itself…..What am I gonna do with the twenty {insert produce here} I just came home with?   Answer- Invite a bunch of Hungry Southerner’s over to your house for a party…….or…..do a bit of canning, pickling, and preserving.

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Southern Kitchen – Sweet Southern Pork Tenderloin


One of my favorite things to cook, is a pork tenderloin.  I probably cook a pork tenderloin once a month, if not more during grill season.  It’s a great cut of pork, very flexible in how it can be prepared, and very affordable alternative to beef that still offers a great variety in its delicate flavor.  When I’m ready to turn up my “Southerness” (Southerness would be defined as one’s ability to own their Southern heritage) and show off a great pork tenderloin I use my personal recipe for Sweet Southern Pork Tenderloin.  Plus it’s Peach Season, and it’s time to start figuring out all the great ways to use these delicious fuzzy southern fruit, so we’ll throw in our recipe for a Bourbon Peach Glaze, to finish it off.

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