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Local, Fresh, Sustainable – Local Three : Prep Time

We are wrapping up our series with the guys from Local Three.  We’ve been following (video 1, video 2) these guys through the process of opening their local Atlanta restaurant, and the day is finally upon us.  Chef Chris Hall gave us a final sneak peak of the menu, before the official December opening of Local Three.  This time Chris let us show you what’s behind the food at Local Three and how it’s cooked using fresh ingredients while keeping it simple and delicious.  This video will have your mouth watering when you see all that pork jowl, squash and kale. Stay tuned because we’ll have 2 more videos coming to close out our Local Three series you won’t want to miss. Stay Hungry Y’all !

– The Hungry Southerner

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Southern Kitchen – Coffee Rubbed Southern Pulled Pork

pulled pork

I’ve been working on great pulled pork recipe that would be easy to do at home that doesn’t involve a crockpot.  Not that a crockpot can’t make pulled pork, but I wanted pulled pork that also had texture; a bark on the outside almost as if it had been smoked.  To get this Boston Butt right I needed to do it in the oven, and I needed the perfect dry rub.  Which got me thinking, why not try a Coffee Dry Rubbed Boston Butt for a little cool weather pulled pork action?

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Southern Kitchen – Sausage Making : Boudin


It’s no secret that Southerners love their pork.  Southern cuisine is very pork and chicken heavy, and it’s not uncommon to replace chicken for pork in a lot of creole, Cajun, low country or hill country style recipes.  Sausage is very versatile bringing a variety of textures and flavors to dishes; it can be the star at breakfast in links or patties, or the rich smokey flavoring and hearty meat in red beans and rice, and the spicy contrast from Andouille to the sweet briny gulf shrimp in shrimp & grits.  Even though Southerner’s consume sausage in so many ways, the process to how they are made is often a mystery.  We’re going to shed some light on the sausage making process, and introduce you to a unique Southern sausage called Boudin.  Let’s get grinding.

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Southern Kitchen – Sweet Southern Pork Tenderloin


One of my favorite things to cook, is a pork tenderloin.  I probably cook a pork tenderloin once a month, if not more during grill season.  It’s a great cut of pork, very flexible in how it can be prepared, and very affordable alternative to beef that still offers a great variety in its delicate flavor.  When I’m ready to turn up my “Southerness” (Southerness would be defined as one’s ability to own their Southern heritage) and show off a great pork tenderloin I use my personal recipe for Sweet Southern Pork Tenderloin.  Plus it’s Peach Season, and it’s time to start figuring out all the great ways to use these delicious fuzzy southern fruit, so we’ll throw in our recipe for a Bourbon Peach Glaze, to finish it off.

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Southern Kitchen – The Great Cajun Dry Rub Experiment


Summer time means grilling season.  It’s always a great feeling to spend the night before a big grill-out prepping ribs.  Aside from pulled pork, Ribs are by far my favorite part of the pig.  The debatable secret to great Southern ribs is the fairy dust known as dry rub. Next to home made BBQ sauce, it’s a BBQ chefs personal secret.  Well it’s time to let my most recent discovery out, and share my “Dry Rub” secret.  I’ve taken my cajun seasoning obsession to the extreme, and spiced up my baby back ribs.

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