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Southern Kitchen – Red Beans & Rice


My all time, most loved and hated, Creole Southern food is Red Beans & Rice , but it’s been an essential part of my Southern culture.  Southern Culture, in general, is one giant melting pot, pulling from all continents and cultures, which is most prevalent in our cuisine.  Red Beans & Rice is a dish adopted from Latin American beans and rice dishes such as Arroz Moros, and blended with the creole way of life including the addition of the trinity; onion, bell pepper, and celery and creole spices.  Red Beans & Rice is also the ubiquitous meal I associate with eating 3 days straight when times were tough, to the point of never wanting to see red beans again.  So here is “the” Red Beans & Rice recipe that over came it all.

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Southern Kitchen – Sausage Making : Boudin


It’s no secret that Southerners love their pork.  Southern cuisine is very pork and chicken heavy, and it’s not uncommon to replace chicken for pork in a lot of creole, Cajun, low country or hill country style recipes.  Sausage is very versatile bringing a variety of textures and flavors to dishes; it can be the star at breakfast in links or patties, or the rich smokey flavoring and hearty meat in red beans and rice, and the spicy contrast from Andouille to the sweet briny gulf shrimp in shrimp & grits.  Even though Southerner’s consume sausage in so many ways, the process to how they are made is often a mystery.  We’re going to shed some light on the sausage making process, and introduce you to a unique Southern sausage called Boudin.  Let’s get grinding.

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