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Southern Kitchen – Sweet Tea Roasted Chicken


I’ve been working on new Sweet Tea delivery systems and decided it was time to explore brines for my birds.  It was a beautiful idea for two great reasons, the first being brining a chicken will help prevent it from drying out during the roasting process and two it will help introduce some great flavor and character to the meat.  Besides everyone loves chicken right?  Get ready for some super moist Sweet Tea Chicken born in the South that is ready over night.

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Southern Culture – Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea

When I think of the South, of Home, I think of Sweet Tea.  It’s ingrained in the culture, and synonymous with warm summer nights, fresh local food, and a slower way of living.  Ask any non-Southerner to describe the South, and I bet “Sweet Tea” makes the list.  Like a lot of traditions in the South, Tea drinking was brought in from another culture, and modified to suit the Southern way of life.  Just how did a fermented leaf from India, and the nectar of the sugar cane become the common liquid of southern life, and what is the secret to the perfect glass?

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